At this moment we had only one team. but we are open to create more to cover more racing for you!
Yes for sure, you can send us an application directly on our page or join our discord server. A button to fill out our apply form you find under „about us“ site.
The best way to contact us is via our e-mail. There we can discuss everything in peace. sponsors@spetracing.de
Absolutely! However, we would like to work on the team itself first before we think about our own racing events. Such a race is associated with an immense amount of work, for which we are currently too few in the team.
At the moment we have not yet set up merch for our brand „SPET Racing“. However, we have a few other cool things! Just click on „merch“ in the top menu.
SPET stands for Sparki Entertainment. The main brand for all our projects.
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